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In the Principals Office: Winton

Winton is tricky little track to master. 

Being the test track for all the Victorian Supercars teams, its extremely competitive already, but then it’s not uncommon for the Queensland based teams to show up and make them all look silly.

This weekend poses a few key challenges. Firstly, we haven’t raced here since 2019, secondly, we’re on the SuperSoft tyre which has its unknowns in how to adapt car setups to it plus we haven’t run on it this year much at all. 

For the fans this will mix things up and create great racing but potentially a lot of headaches up and down pit lane.

We decided to prepare for this round by holding a test day here last Tuesday. With Lee, Qualifying has been the area we want improve, so it allowed us time to get his head around our car package a bit more, while Dave’s confidence is building and building every time in the car. Overall, it was positive and learned a lot more about what and how to get into our set up window. 

It’s crucial to get into a good set up window in practice straight away. You need a car that has great front end grip and get off the tight and twisty corners. 

It’s easy to find yourself stuck in the pack at Winton so strategy plays a big part. In 2019 with Jamie (Whincup), we qualified poorly and pitted very early and gained 6 spots just by running in clean air, so expect teams to roll the dice. 

Our drivers have done lots of miles here over the years which bodes well but there’s so many variables. I’m quietly confident but you don’t really know until qualifying. 

I’m looking forward to seeing a Penrite Racing car on the podium this weekend.