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The flavour of Formula 1 is in the air this week as Penrite Racing tackles the Beaurepaires Melbourne 400 at Albert Park.

We race in our hometown after scoring our first podium of 2022 in Tasmania last outing, with David Reynolds and Lee Holdsworth on the hunt for more silverware.

Here’s how the weekend shapes up.



The 5.280km circuit runs around Albert Park lake on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD, it’s a fast and flowing layout that’s a lot wider than usual to the accommodate the F1 cars.

Turn 1 has traditionally been a hot spot for both passing and car damage, it has been widened this year so keep an eye on th opening lap of each race plus the raft of changes made that will allow for higher speeds and faster lap times.



The four days of track action, beginning Thursday, will consist of two practice sessions and four qualifying sessions for each of the four sprint races. One race on Friday, two races on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Each of the four races will be 20 laps.



Drivers will run the hard and soft compound tyres across the weekend. They will be required to use both compounds in each race.



Four tyres must be changed in every pit stop, swapping the two compounds over. Drivers will pit once in each race.



Every session will be Live on Foxtel and Kayo, while channel 10 will show each race Live on free to air.



Mostly fine, little to no rain with temperatures ranging 16-24 degrees across the four days but you just never know in Melbourne!



David Reynolds: “The track changes and restricted corners with a new surface is what I’m looking forward to most. I’m a huge F1 fan but that won’t distract me from my own championship. This is my home track because I live across the road from Albert Park for many years.

“I feel we will see mixed results this weekend with the hard and soft tyres having to be used over the four races. The key will be to have a smooth practice session so you can jump straight into the four Qualifying sessions with confidence and set yourself up for the races.”

Lee Holdsworth: “I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning the new layout and track surface. “I think Supercars will adapt well to the track changes. I’m hoping the long straights will present better passing opportunities. I feel the new surface may see a mix up in the field in qualifying.”

“The four race format gives us more chances to nail the car setup. With long exit straights it’s important to have a car that’s strong in corner exit speeds.”

“I’m feeling confident about the direction the team is heading. We took a big step forward in Tassie and I’m hoping we see another improvement this weekend.”



Holdsworth: “I have a feeling it’s going to be another strong weekend for Ferrari. I’d like to see Leclerc win. Although it would be awesome to see Danny Ric fire back up the ranks!”

Reynolds: “It’s between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc for me.”